you should know how hard it is to complicate things. xoxo


the PIONEERING class
the members.
Psychology Society Officers:

President: Erlwinmer Mangmang Effective, June, 2009

IN MEMORY of LOLO FREUD. love you, lo. :)

The population of the psych students in LSU was very few.
However, it did not mean that achievements will be of fewer possibilities also. Now that our number is whom should the university thank? of course, the sane people...the historical ones(?)...the ates...the pioneering class. GLAIZA MUNASQUE, STEPHANIE POTUTAN, AMY ROSE VILLAMOR. and of course their mentor, Ms. Imelda Libago.

Now, who have not heard of the trio's expensive Cebu Trip? They had this On-Job Training that lasted longer than expected. They shared their terrible "fare" experience, and many more. And what do we have to believe 'em? Photos, of course.

The learnings, The fun, and The bonding.
Looks like they got drunk too.

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